Rebekah Stevens for 2nd Congressional District Vice Chair

Rebekah Stevens is a resident of Silver City and has spent the last ten years working on nearly every level of New Mexico politics, from Taos County volunteer headquarters staff and Grant County GOP Vice Chair, to representing New Mexico at the RNC and running winning campaigns in her home town, including helping a Republican win her own district‘s county commissioner’s seat!

In 2015, Rebekah helped charter the New Mexico Young Republicans and has been the organization’s chair since 2017. This leadership opportunity helped her to meet national Republican leaders and even led to a trip to Israel with other young Republicans as a guest of the center-right Likud Party (led by Prime Minister Netanyahu).

As the eldest of six children Rebekah was raised with the values the Republican Party holds dear– faith, family and life. She’s been active with organizations across New Mexico and in her community including New Mexico Center for Family Policy, Jobs for all NM (pro-right-to-work), Americans for Prosperity, the Republican Party of Grant County, Indian Hills Baptist Church of Silver City (including a children’s ministry director), Silver City Wild, Wild West Pro Rodeo, Calvary Christian Academy of Silver City, the Silver City Grant County Chamber of Commerce, Grant County Friends of the NRA and many more.

Rebekah has a variety of interests and continues to work as a consultant and contractor for clients in conservative circles in New Mexico and around the nation. Rebekah has also worked as an office administrator for her local newspaper and an educator at a local private school.

Rebekah hopes to bring her varied experience and the hundreds of hours of training as an operative she has received to the Republican Party of New Mexico. Over the past five years she has visited a dozen states and Washington D.C. learning from trainings conducted by the RNC, Young Republicans and center-right organizations including Leadership Institute and Americans for Prosperity.

Please support Rebekah Stevens for 2nd Vice Chair of the Republican Party of New Mexico.

One thought on “Rebekah Stevens for 2nd Congressional District Vice Chair

  1. Carla Cashion says:

    ALL RIGHT!!!!! We need Christians to become involved in state offices. I Didn’t know you were close to something like this. What an interesting gal you are!!! Love you!!!

    Sent by Carla


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