Trump Inauguration!

I’m more than excited to be reporting from Washington D.C. where the weekend’s inaugural activities are taking place and where tomorrow at noon Donald J. Trump will be official sworn in as the 45th president of the United States.

Today I toured around with New Mexico friends, visiting Congressman Pearce’s office where we picked up our inauguration tickets, and visited with friends at the office (even ran into Albuquerque Mayor R.J. Berry) and then headed over to other festivities in town. 

What do you think?!  While we didn’t cross paths with any protesters we did see their signs about.  We shall see what happens be tomorrow.

The Family Research Council had a nice event and reception.  There was also a great prayer event at the Greater New Hope Baptist Church featuring members of the Israeli Knesset and Congressmembers.  It was great to see U.S. and Israeli leaders pray for the future of our nation– former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann opened the prayers and many others followed…Christian and Jewish leaders offered up prayers regarding our Nation, the Trump Administration, the media, millennial and relationships with Israel and recognizance of Jerusalem as her Capitol.

The building was packed, but it’s a shame there wasn’t a line of folks waiting to get in– we need more prayer in this great nation…

A highlight was the recitation of the Aaronic blessing in Hebrew by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn.  It was beautiful!

Afterward our little crew headed over to the National Portrait Archive, a part of the Smithsonian that houses scores of gorgeous portraits of famous Americans.  Aren’t they lovely?!  Many of my favorites were of the presidents…


What a fantastic time.  I finished off the evening with a surprise picture with Donald Trump!  What do you think?!  Impressive?  I thought it was awesome!! 😜

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