Day 2 in DC: Trump Sworn In

Friday began pretty early as we were up before 3 a.m. to drive into D.C., walked to the Metro and found our way to the beginning of the Silver inauguration ticket section.

We were in the first 100 to arrive of the Silver ticket holders– folks waiting for the mall-area inauguration viewing section.

Ready for a race?  We were!!  We toed the line and prepared to be among the first few dozen to have our tickets checked.

The ticket checking process was anything but organized and once a dozen tickets were checked the entire crowd, I impeded by any tape, gate or even an attempt at a human barrier, ran forward to the final security gate.

As seen below we were among the first twenty close to the gate. 

At about 6:30 a.m. the security checkpoint was finally opened and we were among the first dozen or so screened. It was awesome to sweep through the line, then race to the front to grab two seats at the front, chain link fence, barrier of the mall standing area.  There we bunkered, watched the capitol as the sun rose and waited until the inauguration ceremony began at about 10:30 a.m.

An excited crowd gathered this morning in front of the Washington D.C. capitol. Thousands wore red caps that represent the working class, imprinted with the slogan Make America Great Again. 

Many seniors that I visited with were first time attendees to any inauguration and were early supporters of President Trump. Other attendees were energized millenials. One young City Council member from a small Connecticut town explained how millenials were becoming involved and backing Trump in his town.

In his address, Trump offered the crowds hope and inspiration, declaring that we as a people will bring back our jobs, borders, wealth and dreams.

The inauguration was fantastic.  I’d probably go again…the tempature was not bad and the crowd was friendly.  We did not encounter any protesters, except as we left (hours later)…we observed as about half a dozen members of local law enforcement escorted about as many protesters down the Metro out of town.

For me it was just awesome to feel reality hit. We have a new president. We will have a new Supreme Court Justice to replace Justice Scalia.  God is blessing us, protecting us.  But it is not our duty to sit back and watch.  It is our duty to be informed, active and stewards of what He has created and rulers He would have us to be…

History is in the making.  What part will you play, what part will I play?

2 thoughts on “Day 2 in DC: Trump Sworn In

  1. Carla Cashion says:

    This was great! I saw where several visitors who had traveled many Miles, were caught in a blockade, and never got to watch the Swearing in ceremony…frustrating to say the least. Obnoxious is A better word.

    From Carla’s iPad



  2. Mary Raap says:

    So proud for these two grandchildten! So happy the two of you could be there for this great event in our history and in my life time. Love you very much!


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